Rocker John Mellencamp has vowed to keep his political beliefs to himself when he performs at a televised concert at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. later this month (Apr07). The anti-war star will play for around 300 patients on 27 April. He says, "I'm not entering any political realm. That's not what this is about." Mellencamp admits he was baffled when he was asked to perform for troops and their families - because he's such an outspoken opponent of the Iraq war and the US government. He tells the USA Today newspaper, "I don't pretend to understand decisions the government makes. I'm sure in light of the circumstances, their first inclination would have been to say no (to me playing). But they want to give their patients something special. "It dawned on me what I really wanted to do is lighten the load of the soldiers and workers in the hospital, so why not just play for them? The amount we'd raise in an arena concert is peanuts next to what the government throws around."