John Mellencamp sold the song OUR COUNTRY from his new album to US carmaker Chevy because his record company wouldn't put enough money behind marketing his music. The controversial track is being used in a Chevy truck ad campaign and Mellencamp has been slammed for seemingly selling out to corporate America. He explains, "I agonised. I still don't think (musicians) should have to do it, but record companies can't spend money to promote records anymore, unless you're U2 or Madonna. "I'm taking heat because no one's ever done this before. "People have licensed songs that have already been hits, but nobody's licensed a brand-new song to a major company, and people don't know how to react." The JACK AND DIANE singer decided to sign the deal after the company offered him wide exposure for his music and creative input. He adds, "In 10 years, this will probably be the way it's done. I'll have taken crap for it, and people will forget I was the first guy!"