Rocker John Mellencamp and his supermodel wife ELAINE IRWIN have blasted PRESIDENT George W Bush's war policies in a letter to their fans which they've posted on the internet.

The open letter, which appears on the WWW.MELLENCAMP.COM website, is, according to the JACK + DIANE hitmaker, the first of many such correspondences he plans to post in cyberspace to let fans know what he thinks about the state of his country.

In the current letter, he writes, "Before a single bomb was ever dropped, some of us, formerly called the 'anti-American and unpatriotic', have questioned or opposed this war.

"Now, each day, as the dust settles and the truth slowly surfaces, more and more people come to the inevitable conclusion of what a debacle this whole war was.

"39,000 bombs later, no weapons of mass destruction uncovered, no dangerous dictators captured, no connection to September 11."

23/10/2003 08:46