John Mccririck has gone on strike in the 'Ultimate Big Brother' house.

The horse racing commentator has vowed not to speak to his housemates or Big Brother until they promise to give into his mystery demands.

John announced to his 10 fellow contestants: "I'm having disputes with Big Brother. What they are is nothing to do with you. I'm not going to be speaking to any of you, I'm not going to be taking part in any house activities. Don't even ask to speak to me, don't approach me.

"Nothing against any of you, it's entirely Big Brother."

However, the 70-year-old eccentric star was left baffled later on when Big Brother decided to quiz his fellow contestants on how they felt about him - whilst he was present.

The group were all summoned onto the sofas by Big Brother, but John returned to the bedroom - where he had spent most of the morning on his own - as soon as they addressed the group.

Big Brother said: "Big Brother would like all housemates who think John is a nice housemate to raise their hand."

Coolio and the rest of the house all raised their arms, as John watched on through the glass wall of The Sleeping section.

When they were then asked who thought he was "not nice", nobody answered.