John Mccririck has become the first housemate to be evicted from the 'Ultimate Big Brother' house.

The horseracing pundit - who had been begging the public to evict him ever since he entered the house on Tuesday (25.08.10) - refused to say goodbye to his fellow housemates as he prepared to face the crowds last night.

Facing a mixture of boos and cheers, the eccentric 72-year-old star seemed delighted to be leaving the hit Channel 4 show after carrying around a sign reading 'Evict Me Please' for the majority of his stay.

He said: "Thank you Britain, I love you all."

However, while speaking to host Davina Mccall, John admitted he did regret teasing Chantelle about her feelings for ex-husband Preston, who is also in the house.

He explained: "My one regret was that I upset Chantelle. I was insensitive, I didn't realise how she was feeling and I do apologise, I was wrong."

After receiving nine nominations from his fellow housemates, John was evicted with 50.6 per cent of the public vote - the closest vote in the

history of the reality TV show.

Meanwhile, former housemates Michelle Bass and Victor Ebuwa - famous for their 'Fight Night' brawl in 'Big Brother 5' - have re-entered the house.

The feisty duo will be living in a secret bedsit for the foreseeable future, where they will play a series of pranks on the main housemates.