Rapper YOUNG JEEZY was left unimpressed after appearing on TV alongside U.S. Republican presidential hopeful John McCain - branding the politician a "fraud".
The 30 year old, real name Jay Jenkins, appeared with MCCain on U.S. TV show Saturday Night Live in May (08), and questioned the politician about his policies and how they would help improve America.
But the hip-hop star wasn't convinced by MCCain's answers, and is choosing to champion Democrat leader Barack Obama instead.
He says, "I told him the 'hood was f**ked up, and he was like, 'How you doing?'"
"(It was) real talk. They know entertainers, so they shake your hand (and say), 'I'm your friend.' But my mama is about to have surgery that I gotta pay for out of my pocket because she can't get insurance.
"I don't really feel MCCain. It ain't just because Barack is black; he can make change. Just like Bush equals recession, Barack equals progression. I really feel that."