U.S. presidential candidate John McCain has received an odd endorsement from reggaeton superstar DADDY YANKEE.
While the music world's trendsetters and heavyweights offer their support to the Republican's opponent, Barack Obama, the Puerto Rican hitmaker is urging his fans to back MCCain.
Daddy Yankee tells Latina magazine the Senator made a strong impression on him when they first met two years ago.
He says, "I thought he was a really cool person, and this was way before he was even a presidential candidate, and I liked him a lot.
"He invited me (to Washington) and I went. We talked about boxing, we're both boxing fanatics... and when I talked to him, I never felt beneath him; he looks directly at me when he’s speaking to me, and we have the same level of respect for each other."
Daddy Yankee admits MCCain's military record is also something that impresses the Latino star.
He adds, "He said, 'Yankee, I was a soldier. And I saw people die next to me, Latinos who never got their citizenship, but who were willing to die for this country. I saw a Hernandez, I saw a Rodriguez, how they killed them.'
"That broke my heart... and I went, 'Man, this guy lived it. He’s not just going, 'Hey I want your vote.' He lived it."