U.S. Republican presidential tag team John McCain and Sarah Palin have been given a celebrity boost - action man Chuck Norris will be voting for them.
While many stars have already declared they'll be voting Democrat in the upcoming presidential elections, Norris is supporting the opposition.
He says, "My choice would be John MCCain and Sarah Palin mainly because, with Sarah, I think she'd make a good president because she's a no-nonsense gal and she has much more experience than Barack Obama.
"Europe now is not infatuated with (Democrat candidate) Barack Obama anymore. They are infatuated with Sarah Palin."
Palin is, in fact not running for president - she'll be MCCain's Vice-President if the Republicans are elected in November (08).
Meanwhile, Walker, Texas Ranger star Norris urges those keen to vote for Obama to look beyond the politician's charisma.
He tells U.S. TV show Extra, "I like his personality and he's a very charismatic guy. I think he has the country at heart, but I think he's misdirected... and because of his misdirection, he's going to lead us down a very deep hole if he gets elected."
But, despite his interest in politics, Norris insists you'll never find his name on a ballot: "I would never run for office. I had tough skin as an entertainer. I don't think my skin is tough enough as a politician."