MEGHAN MCCAIN, the daughter of Republican politician John McCain, has been criticised by radio show Ryan Seacrest and blogger Perez Hilton, following comments she made about President Barack Obama in a television interview, reports The Washington Post.
26-year-old MCCain, who appeared on the 'Tonight Show With Jay Leno' on Wednesday (3rd November 2010), described the President's recent interview with RYAN SEACREST as 'trashy', she said, "I just think it's - not so presidential to do an interview with the producer of the 'Kardashians'.it's kind of trashy". However, the comments sparked an angry response from the radio host, who said on his show, "So she apparently has an issue with the type of show we do, and the fact that I produce a television show called, 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' and she thinks it's just lowbrow. But I just want to be clear - it is the lowbrow show that she wanted to come on twice to promote her stuff".
MCCain, who caused controversy earlier in the week by saying Bristol Palin made herself look 'ridiculous' by not voting, also faced the wrath of celebrity blogger PEREZ HILTON. The 32-year-old directed a post on his Twitter account towards MCCain that read, "Your dad has had public lovefests with Snook and Heidi Montag. That speaks for itself!"