Singer John Mayer's has hit out at the photographers who constantly follow him and girlfriend Jennifer Aniston around - because the fear they instill in him is like "an earthquake".
Mayer, 30, began his affair with Aniston in April (08) and the couple have an endless stream of paparazzi following their every move.
He says, "It's so rosy... that these moments (of being chased by photographers) that are not at all rosy, are seemingly earthquakes of frustration and anxiety."
But Mayer refused to acknowledge the relationship between him and Aniston, despite the pair being inseparable in recent weeks.
He adds, "We live in a world where you can see everything about me. There's not a thing I could deny. So I'm not denying anything.
"Don't ever believe you have a secret. I think that's probably the moment when your head completely crowns inside your own ass."