John Mayer's New Year's Eve kiss with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has done nothing to dent the rocker's stud status - he has topped a new Hot Bachelors poll.
Hilton recently revealed all about the "five minute" smooch with Mayer at a New York party, claiming the rocker's then-girlfriend stroked his crotch while he kissed the gay blogger.
Mayer's publicist has called Hilton's claims "ridiculous" but the blogger recently passed a lie detector test in the hope of proving his story was factual.
But, despite the kiss-and-tell saga, Mayer has still beaten Sex + The City hunk Jason Lewis, who has been single since splitting from Rosario Dawson, to the top of the In Touch magazine hot list.
The top five sexy celebrity bachelors on the countdown are:
1. John Mayer
2. Jason Lewis
3. Chace Crawford
4. Emile Hirsch
5. John Krasinski.