Rocker John Mayer has recorded a duet with pal Rob Dyrdek apologising to the skateboarder-turned-reality TV star's mother for helping to fake a trip to the hospital earlier this summer (09).
The pranksters sparked fears for Dyrdek's heath when Mayer was photographed carrying him out of a Los Angeles club in June (09) and helping him into a waiting car.
Mayer even updated his blog to inform fans he had taken Dyrdek to the hospital to have his stomach pumped, adding, "When the contents of his stomach hit that silicon bag and we all saw it, we just broke into applause."
The incident turned out to be part of an outlandish publicity stunt for Dyrdek's MTV show Fantasy Factory - but it attracted the attention of his local news station back home in Ohio, which took the reports one step further and claimed Dyrdek had died.
Dyrdek tells, "I did a whole episode on what it's like to have a psychotically famous (friend). Just the whole idea of how out of control it got. To where my parents' local news was like, 'Local celebrity almost dies.'"
So the TV star decided to hit the recording studio with Mayer to come up with a creative apology for his mother. Dyrdek says: "We recorded a song called 'Rob's Mom' that apologises to her and all of the girls in the office."