John Mayer gave one female fan a special treat on Saturday night (03FEB07) by climbing down into the audience during an Oklahoma show and giving her a birthday kiss. The singer was playing a concert in Oklahoma City and paused between songs to comment on the various signs held up by audience members. He said to one female fan, "Yours is a little bit more complex, multifaceted. 'Sweet 16 and never been kissed. Wanna be my first?'" Mayer paused, and then jumped down from the stage to the delighted screams of fans. He then went into the crowd and gave the birthday girl a quick kiss. After climbing back onstage, he said, "Alright... Congratulations. Happy birthday." Mayer's rumoured girlfriend Jessica Simpson, who joined him on tour earlier in the week (begs29JAN07), was not at the concert to witness the kiss.