John Mayer's love of porn has turned the rocker into a penis obsessive.
The candid star insists he's "100 per cent straight as an arrow" but he can't help but glance at his manhood competition when he's in the locker room at a gym.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Because of all the porn I've watched, I'm now enamoured with what I call 'the third child'. It's not male, it's not female. It's a new creation by way of the hundreds of blow-job films I've seen.
"There's a new brand of d**ks going around right now. It's a new d**k. It's a superd**k. This superd**k is straight and one colour, and it seeks to destroy the race of men before them."
The Daughters singer read the magazine's new cover article on Wednesday (20Jan10) and admits he's not sure he came across very well as he opens up about past romances, group sex and his love of masturbating.
He sent a 'tweet' to fans, which read, "I'm still not sure if I would want to hang out with me."
Tattooed Mayer appears shirtless on the cover of the magazine.