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Honest Huh...Fact 1: Keating 5Fact 2: lying cheat- how conveniently you forget about Mrs. McCain #1 and how he treated her.Who are we to JUDGE?There is nothing wrong with assuring that the middle class or working class thrives. My family will see its' taxes increase with Obama's plan ($250,000+) but if it means future generations will experience the prosperity that we have WONDERFUL. As a Christian & INDEPENDENT voter, I am disgusted at the direction the GOP has led our country. Have we become a nation of hateful, judgemental, intolerant people???? I hope not.

Posted 7 years 11 months ago by mom3innorthcarolina

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I GUESS YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT AMERICA OR YOUR FANS.I can't imagine how you could be so naive to do thiswhen it's been right in everyone's face how dishonest he is. Out right liar that changes his plan all the time to appease the people. Plan on SPREADING YOUR WEALTH AROUND... Please keep my email info for this as I could use it...Anyone that has been associated with the people he has for all of these years should cause doubt in your mind. John McCain is an HONEST man with a background to prove it. I might just stay on your bandwagon so when YOU SPREAD YOUR WEALTH AROUND, I'll BE here.. And, don't think you won't be doing that....

Posted 7 years 11 months ago by FL JANE

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