LATEST: Singer John Mayer has found a new way to discourage reporters from asking questions about his relationship with Jessica Simpson - by answering in fluent Japanese. The singer was interviewed by US TV interviewer Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards yesterday (11FEB07) and refused to answer questions about his personal life in English. When Seacrest asked him about his rumoured romance during a live segment on the E! Entertainment TV network, Mayer answered in Japanese, and then told the probing broadcaster, "Find a Japanese person and decode it. Subtitle it. Then you'll have your answer." Before ending the interview, Mayer told an amused Seacrest, "I'm very happy with what I just did to you" before walking off. Seacrest did have Mayer's comments de-coded, which translated to, "She is very beautiful and you'll be the last to know." Mayer, 29, and Simpson, 26, were photographed getting cosy later in the evening at the Sony BMG party, where Simpson's father Joe joked about the earlier exchange. When asked about his daughter's relationship with Mayer he laughingly replied, "I'm answering in the father's language, which is 'No comment!'"