Rocker John Mayer has reportedly reconciled with the sexy Spaniard he dated briefly before becoming Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend.
The Daughters singer had a fling with Miami, Florida waitress Maria Marin before he started going steady with actress Aniston, according to reports - and now he's back in the sexy European's arms.
Sources tell America's Life + Style magazine that Mayer kept in touch with Marin while he was dating Aniston, but insist he was faithful to the former Friends star.
But when Mayer and Aniston split this summer (08), the rocker reached out to his ex.
One pal tells the publication, "She's (Marin) originally from Spain and speaks with a thick accent."
The couple reportedly resumed their passionate fling after meeting up at a party in Miami on 31 August.
The source adds, "She (Marin) totally doted on him and didn't leave his side."
Mayer first met Marin when she waited on him at trendy restaurant the Forge - and they exchanged phone numbers.
The insider reveals, "John sent her a sexy text, and they met up at his hotel. Maria raved about how outrageously hot John was in bed - really athletic, strong and wild."
The romance ended when Mayer started dating Aniston in April (08).