John Mayer says he finds it difficult putting in a full day at his studio.

The 'Gravity' singer said he hates having to spend lengthy periods f time examining his emotions for new material and admits life outside of working is often more appealing.

He said: "I'm not a four-hour-a-day guy, but I can definitely feel the pull: do you wanna go into a room where you're basically gonna excavate, emotionally, for 12 hours?

"It's very, very difficult to want to give 14 hours a day to making a record, to continue to choose music over a lifestyle."

John - who reached a new level of fame through his on/off relationship with former 'Friends' actress Jennifer Aniston - compared his career to a rollercoaster, saying the higher up he gets the more people are hoping he makes a mistake.

He added: "As you go up this ride - with each click, by click, by click, on this rollercoaster - more things become threats than not."