John Mayer is set to release ''more music'' than he's ''ever'' released in one year in 2017.

The 39-year-old singer songwriter unveiled his first single in two years titled 'Love on the Weekend' on Thursday (17.11.16), which will feature on his forthcoming LP 'The Search for Everything', and the star has revealed the compilation features ''a lot of songs'', which is more than can be squeezed onto a ''standard sized album''.

Speaking in a Facebook Live yesterday, the dark-haired musician said: ''There's a lot of songs for this record. ''I'll put it this way, not to be overly cryptic ... but there are more songs that can fit in your standard sized album.''

''[Next year I'll release] more music than I've ever put out in any one year.''

And the Connecticut-born star has revealed he is often left ''flattered and moved'' when he scrolls through Instagram hashtags about himself.

He explained: ''I get the most flattered and moved when I look at Instagram hashtags. I feel like that's a kinder, gentler Internet.''

Mayer has revealed he is ''always'' discovering music, both as a composer and listener.

He said: ''The day you come online as a person with their own tastes in music, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

''For me. I was always discovering music ... as a listener and processing it as a writer.''

Although the 'Gravity' hitmaker has not confirmed a set release date for his upcoming album, he has admitted it will be ''very soon''.

Speaking about the big unveil, he said: ''Very soon, I promise.''

Meanwhile Mayer - who dated Katy Perry on and off for three years since 2012 - has hinted he would be ''open'' to making music with his ex-girlfriend in the future.

Speaking previously about a collaboration, he said: ''If the right song came around. I look at great musicians - you write the right song, you send it to somebody, but I don't have anything in mind at the moment.''