John Mayer ''was aware'' he was buying fake Rolex watches, court documents have claimed.

The 'Gravity' hitmaker filed a lawsuit against Robert Maron in March for allegedly selling him timepieces he knew to be fakes, but the dealer has requested the suit be dismissed and he be awarded damages, on the grounds the singer knew the ''risks'' involved with his purchases.

Documents filed by Maron's lawyers and obtained by read: ''[Mayer] was aware of the facts of which he now complains, yet elected to proceed in light of the known risks, which Plaintiff knowingly and volitionally assumed.

[Mayer] acknowledged, ratified, consented to, and acquiesced in the alleged acts ... of Defendants.''

In his documents, Maron insists he ''substantially performed the terms and conditions required under any and all contracts'' with the 36-year-old star and when he complained the watches turned out not to be genuine, he ''failed to mitigate or attempt to mitigate damages'' before filing the lawsuit.

As well as requesting the suit be dismissed, the watch dealer - who is Charlie Sheen's best friend - is asking to be awarded attorneys' fees, plus an additional amount to be determined by the court.

Rolex is one of the world's most prestigious watch brands, with the coveted timepieces ranging anywhere from $5,000 with the most exclusive designs costing upwards of $500,000.