John Mayer is obsessed with himself.

The 'Free Fallin' hitmaker has confessed that he is ''self-centered'' but insists he doesn't think everything he does is great.

He said: ''Well, like, I'm about myself, I'm self-centered, but I don't think everything I do is great. But I think about everything I do all of the time. More, all the time. All I do is think about what I do. Horrible, it's a horrible existence.''

The 39-year-old singer credits music for helping to give him some sort of peace.

He added: ''But then I'll go in the studio, and I'll come back and listen and I'll go, 'Oh, that is a great drumbeat. Listen to that guitar tone.

''Listen to that -' and then when I sing on top of it, I go, 'I don't believe that for a second.' And so I don't finish it because I don't buy it. Like if I don't buy it, no one else is gonna buy it. I go, 'That's not me.'''

One of the most personal songs on his latest album is 'In The Blood', which he feels is an ''anthem for him''.

He shared to NPR: ''I won't talk too much about it ever, for some reason. I guess I made a deal with myself that if I was gonna go that honest on a song, I wasn't gonna necessarily be a liability to it and color it in. But suffice to say that when I heard that one come back, it was like, holy - had a fist in the air.

''When you're writing, you're just trying to hear a part of yourself that you can identify - identify itself to you. When I listened to that back, it was like an anthem for me, about me, and I went - I just had a fist in the air for any time it would play, I'd just be like - there it is.''