John Mayer and Halsey would never date because they're ''both alpha types''.

The two friends have recently been forced to deny rumours they're in a relationship, and now they have explained exactly why a romance between them would be ''difficult''.

On his own' Instagram Live show 'Current Mood', the 'Bad At Love' hitmaker held up a cue card and said: ''The fact that we're both alpha types, while not prohibitive, would make a romantic relationship difficult, especially when compounded by the fact that we're both highly driven and creative artists who value our independence.''

Halsey admitted she felt the same way, and joked they know each other well enough to be in a relationship.

She laughed: ''For being my not-boyfriend, you really do know me so well.''

John, 41, has been in several high profile relationships with the likes of Jessica, as well as Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

However Halsey, 24, recently hit out at rumours they were an item and stated it's possible for two people of the opposite sex to be friends and not be ''sleeping together''.

She wrote: ''I just had a ground breaking idea. What if...we let female artists...have friends...without assuming that they are sleeping together?

I know I know. It's like, completely ambitious but like, imagine if we like, tried ? (sic)''

Meanwhile, John is known for his bad boy reputation and often rude persona, but previously insisted he's cleaned up his act in recent years, and now thinks the stereotype that he's a ''d**k'' is ''a really outdated take'' on his personality.

He said: ''Some people still say, 'That guy's a d**k.' And I go, 'Well, any of that data you're working off of is really old.' I mean, I can tell you for sure that I haven't been a d**k in many years. That's a really outdated take.''