Rocker John Mayer was so impressed with new pal Eric Clapton's fabulous wealth during a recent visit to his English country retreat he foolishly started trying to live like the British guitar great. Mayer and Clapton hooked up recently in England to work on a new musical project together, and the impressionable young American was stunned by his hero's watch and classic car collections. So he decided to try and live like Clapton upon his return to New York, treating himself to a Porche Turbo S for a whopping $134,000 (GBP74,400). Mayer explains, "I literally called the Porsche dealer in New York City from Clapton's living room." But, after taking charge of the speedy sports car, Mayer quickly discovered it wasn't for him. He adds, "This thing goes so fast, the front almost comes off the ground... I went, 'You know what? I don't need another thing in my life that's gonna possibly take me out." Mayer has since sold the sports car.