Actor John Malkovich has lashed out at his adopted homeland of France - saying the country has no right to be involved in the re-building of Iraq.

The CON AIR star believes the French forfeited that right after refusing to back the war in the Middle East.

He says, "Why should America listen to what France now has to say?"

Malkovich is the first to admit that American President George W Bush could have handled the diplomatic negotiations better.

However, he also believes French President JACQUES CHIRAC's opposition to the American-led attack is "highly cynical and arrogant."

He continues, "The French say that everybody else has a self-interest in Iraq. But none is more obvious than theirs. And they're absolutely blind to it.

"Sometimes ignoring other countries is the right response. I don't really care what Arab countries think. I don't trust them.

"I don't really care what a lot of European countries say. I've lived in Europe for years. I have a lot of dear friends there. But if you talk about politics, I want to say, if they're so smart, why Franco? Why totalitarianism? Why fascism? Where is your humility? I just think they should be curious about their own regimes."

He adds, "My father was a soldier. My uncle was a soldier. And the reason - and one can't say this enough - that our parents fought and died for things is so that people can get up and shoot off their mouths about things they don't know f*** all about.

"About things they don't know the end result about, where they're just guessing."