Hollywood star John Malkovich has landed a starring role in the next HARRY POTTER movie, playing evil LORD VOLDEMORT.

The Dangerous Liaisons actor's daughters AMANDINE, 13 and LOWRIE, 12 - huge fans of the fantasy franchise - convinced him to appear in Harry Potter AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE.

But he will have to share the part with a computerised puppet - at the beginning of the film, the wizard is supposed to be so wasted by his own evil he is barely a skeleton.

A movie insider says, "He is perfect for the role. He will play the 'restored' human version of Lord Voldemort and has a spectacular fight scene with Harry at the end of the film."

Mike Newell has taken on directing duties on the fourth Potter picture, which recently began shooting. The first two were helmed by Chris Columbus and the third - the soon to be released HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN - was directed by Alfonso Cuaron.

29/04/2004 13:39