John Malkovich dazzled his Transformers: Dark Of The Moon co-stars because he spent his time in the air on the film's publicity tour planning for operas in Russia and France.
Shia LaBeouf admits his movie boss made him feel like a slacker - because he was always working on ambitious international projects.
He says, "When we were doing publicity, he really turned the interesting on.
"We're flying around the world and he's prepping two operas - one in French, which is a one-man show, and another six-man show that he does in Russia.
"He's prepping that while we're trying to formulate what our answers are going to be for the (press) tour... We're watching him do three, four different languages... as we try to figure out how we're gonna answer the Megan Fox question."
Megan Fox was LaBeouf's love interest in the first two Transformers films. She was replaced for the third film after upsetting crew members and producer Steven Spielberg with remarks she made about Adolf Hitler in a magazine interview.