John Malkovich, the multi winning actor, is currently filming Michael Bay'S 'Transformers 3', and says that despite the director's reputation, he found him 'delightful' to work with, reports MTV News. When Malkovich signed up for the third film in the franchise, reports suggested that the actor's intensely focused acting style could clash with Bay's similar approach to filmmaking, but the 'Burn After Reading' star is full of praise for the 45-year-old director.
Speaking about the collaboration, Malkovich said, "I found him fun, filled with ideas, many of them different than the take before, which I'm perfectly used to because that's how I work anyway", before adding, "I found his reputation, at least in my case, my experience, utterly unwarranted. But what do I know? Maybe he's changed." The experienced Malkovich also spoke about the amount of stress that can be placed upon directors of action films, saying, "You also have to try and give them some relief from the stress of doing that every day, all day long, 14, 15 hours a day for months. I think with all the pre-planning and all the pre-production and all the storyboards and all the meetings, Bay is a filmmaker, so the film is really in his head".
As well as completing work on 'Transformers 3', Malkovich stars in the new film 'Red', which is released on 15th October 2010. The movie follows the story of a black-ops agent whose life is threatened by a high-tech assassin.