John Malkovich is a ''constant source of embarrassment'' to himself.

The 64-year-old actor has revealed that the most embarrassing moment of his life took place in a hotel in Paris, and while that was a particularly cringe-worthy moment, John has admitted to frequently making a fool of himself.

He recalled: ''Recently, at the Hotel Caron in Paris, I got up to use the bathroom one night and found myself out in the hallway instead. But that is one of a million: I am a constant source of embarrassment to myself.''

The acclaimed performer also revealed that in spite of his advancing years, he's still prone to behaving like a child.

Asked to reveal the one trait he most deplores in himself, John told the Guardian newspaper: ''Deplore might be strong, but general childishness, unseriousness and laziness in terms of what I've done compared with what maybe I should have or could have done.''

Despite this assertion, John admitted that he now loves to do ''nothing'' with his time, because he simply isn't able to work at the same frantic speed that he was once capable of.

Asked to reveal his guilty pleasure, he explained: ''Doing nothing. I used to be able to prepare for work much more quickly. My brain just doesn't work on the same level any more, so now my 'do nothing' time is 95 percent gone.''

Earlier this month, John claimed he has ''world class'' ironing skills.

The actor's career has spanned five decades and earned him two Academy Awards nominations, but away from the screen, he doesn't always live a glitzy lifestyle.

Asked whether he has any hidden talents, John said: ''Ironing. Very good. And I mean, world-class. Things like that.

''Flower arrangements and sewing I'm OK, but not especially gifted.''