Movie star John Malkovich likes very little about himself - he hates to hear his voice, see his face and he thinks he has "a gigantic head."

The CON AIR star refused to put himself in his directorial debut THE DANCER UPSTAIRS because he couldn't stand the thought of having to look at and listen to himself in the editing room.

He says, "The idea of listening to myself for a year and a half in an editing room, it just makes me nauseous. My voice sounds like someone who has laboured under heavy narcotics for 30 years.

"We don't know if this person is awake or asleep? Is this person straight or gay? Is this an obscene phone call or is he just calling to see what the score of the game is?

"Also, if you're in the film then you have to look at yourself and that's a whole other set of issues."

Malkovich admits the size of his head disturbs him most about his appearance.

He adds, "I have a gigantic head. Someone once asked my mother if she'd rather have my head full of pennies or a million dollars."

04/05/2003 20:52