Punk icon John Lydon battled years of guilt for the ill health he suffered in childhood - because he felt like "a burden" on his parents.
The Sex Pistols singer was seven years old when he was diagnosed with spinal meningitis, and he spent a year in hospital suffering from hallucinations and even slipping into comas.
Now the rocker admits he spent years blaming himself for putting his mum Eileen and dad John Christopher through such a harrowing ordeal.
In a candid radio interview with the Bbc, he says, "They (my parents) were proud that I recovered from childhood illnesses where I very seriously could have died. (I had) meningitis and a coma. No big deal, I got over it - there's no self-pity about it. But you look back at that and think, 'Oh what a burden on your parents!' You feel guilty about it in your own self for years and years and years."
Lydon's illness left him with a damaging side effect - his memory loss was so severe he couldn't remember his own name.
He adds, "That's why I can't tell lies to people - because I lost my memory. I know when people lie to you how hurtful that can be when you quite frankly don't know your own name. You rely on every single word to be the truth."