Mr Rotten's Songbook will be released in March (17) and limited to 1,000 copies.

It will feature never-before-seen artwork, as well as annotated song lyric sheets spanning Lydon's entire career, all written in his own hand.

"As the book unfolds, each album is featured with an exclusive introduction to the songs from John, as well as the original cover and hand-drawn artwork from Lydon to beautifully bind the lyrics to their meanings," a press release reads.

"Mr Rotten's Songbook gives fresh insight into the purpose behind the words that have shaped over four decades of his songwriting career. Every one of the book's 300, handcrafted pages reflect John working night and day over the final six months of 2016. Each book is hand signed by the man himself and individually numbered."

Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, says, "I've written many songs over the years and I've always wanted to combine it all in one picturesque way.

"I just love drawing. I love the scratch of the pen on the page and the characters come out of that. To be fair to myself, that's what goes on in my head daily, all the time, 24/7. Every now and again, I manage to draw it onto paper. I use oils, pencil, and sometimes I just cut up bits of magazines and use different colours and blend them. Any medium suits me, but the more risky, the better and the more difficult the work involved, the more I enjoy it.

"This book was very hard to put together, getting the details to be absolutely perfect. Writing out the words, you might think that's easy. B**ody hell, if you don't know the song, no one does. When you're actually writing it, it's amazing how confused you could become inside your own songs... I had to learn how to focus, which strangely enough I haven't done up until now. I gave myself the task and I had to stand by it."