John Lydon couldn't ''cope'' with the sadness of George Michael's death.

The Sex Pistols rocker admits he feels ''an attachment to every human being'' and felt incredibly ''sorry'' when he heard the 'Careless whisper' hitmaker had been found dead in his bed on Christmas Day (25.12.16).

Asked when he last cried, he said: ''I'm capable of a real good tearjerk if there's some kind of sloshy romantic tragedy film on, or just hearing of any death.

''I feel an attachment to every human being, and I don't know if I can cope with the sadness of it.

''George Michael there, kicking the bucket, I felt really bad and sorry for him.

''He died alone and there's no need for that, but that's what this industry does. The showbiz side comes at a heavy price.''

The 61-year-old musician experiences feelings of regret whenever he hears about a death.

He said: ''My greatest regret is the death of anyone. It seems sadness is a necessity, you need to go through grief that's on its way, in between the hysterical comedy acts.''

John doesn't believe in life after death, which drives him to live his own life to the full.

He said: ''When we die, God knows [what happens], hahaha. I think that's it, you cease to exist.

''I'm a complete atheist. This is to me why life should be led to the fullest.''

Despite his outrageous persona, John insists he is actually ''really quiet''.

He told MOJO magazine: ''I like to present myself as aloof and arrogant sometimes, on TV interviews in particular, because I found out years ago that's the best defence in the world.

''I think I've built, over the years, a f***ing great suit of armour, which in the last five years I've been trying to dismantle, but it's rusted in places and hard to get off.

''Generally speaking, I'm really quiet.''