John Lydon wants his ashes to be kept in a jar.

The Sex Pistols frontman finds the idea of being put in a grave ''frankly horrific'' because he worries his body would have a block of flats built on it one day if he was buried six foot in the ground.

He said: ''The idea of a grave is frankly horrific. I'd rather be a jar of ashes. How long can you keep a grave before someone builds council flats on it?''

But if the star did have a gravestone, he'd want a comical message etched on it.

When asked what would be written on his tombstone, he added: ''Something funny. I love epitaphs that pass wit and humour on to those left living as you cease to exist. But it would probably be misunderstood.''

The 60-year-old singer doesn't believe God was ''possible'', partly because the word is ''dog spelt backwards''.

When asked if he believes in the eternal being, he replied: ''Spelt backwards is dog? It's a man-made concept, very haughty and intellectual, but the end results prove no such thing could be possible.''

The star insists he doesn't regret anything in his life and only looks backwards to make sure he doesn't make the same mistakes again.

He added to Classic Rock magazine: '''Je Ne Regrette Rien' - a song I could have written myself. There's no point looking back regretfully. Always look at what you do as you do it, and only look back in order to correct your mistakes.

''You have to know when you've done wrong, and you have to be able to take criticism on the chin from your family and friends.''