The Sex Pistols legend, known by his stage name Johnny Rotten, may not be known for his toned figure but that's because he couldn’t care less about being in shape. He hasn’t worked out in years, admitting the last time he tried to keep fit didn’t work out too well.

“Years and years ago - this is when my band PIL was first touring America - an American manager recommended it,” John recalled to America’s GQ magazine. “I just wouldn’t go to no gymnasium, not for anything. So, they rented this bloke who came around in a truck with all the equipment in the back. It was just too preposterous. It’s like, these are muscles I don’t need to use and I don’t want, and I don’t want to carry them around either. I’d much rather carry around vats of alcoholic debris. Body shape and size matters nothing at all. Everything I know about human beings - it’s all in their eyes.”

As well as a lack of gym motivation, the 60-year-old rocker is still a big smoker and drinker. Although he knows he should kick the habit, John isn't ready to say goodbye to cigarettes and alcohol.

“Yeah. It’s a challenge, isn’t it?” he mused. “But if I can’t enjoy being alive, then I don’t want to be alive. And, drinking and cigarettes and having fun and staying up for endless days - these are all great attractions to me.”

The Sex Pistols recently became the inspiration for a new shoe line with sneaker brand Converse, with shoes boasting colours, materials and graphics reminiscent of the punk band.