Malcolm managed John when he was in legendary British band the Sex Pistols, and helped spearhead the punk movement in the ‘70s. However when it was announced that the city of London would be hosting a year of gigs and events to celebrate 40 years of punk, Malcolm’s son Joseph Corre became incensed and threatened to burn his vast collection of punk artefacts.

Joseph, whose mother is Vivienne Westwood, co-founded underwear brand Agent Provocateur, and John thinks he should just burn underwear instead.

“If you’re going to destroy £5million worth of anything, isn’t it better to sell it and give the money to charity? You selfish f**king lingerie expert. Why don’t you burn your own bra?” he fumed to Britain’s The Metro newspaper.

John rose to fame as anarchist Johnny Rotten, and although the Sex Pistols only released one studio album, Never Mind the B**locks in 1977, they've gone down in music history.

John, now 60, has carried on singing and playing in bands in the decades that have passed, and his career has taught him one important lesson.

“That I can sing,” he noted. “And I’ve done it without a singing teacher. I’ve found my own voice, my own range and my own way of expressing my innermost thoughts. I view it as a privilege, I’m very grateful for that.”

John currently fronts group Public Image Limited, and admits he still loves the lure of touring.

“No, it’s become more appealing. There were difficult times with touring but that was down to personalities I was dealing with,” he explained. “People who are moody or star-struck can create a hostile atmosphere. Things have been different for the past five years. We’re free of a record label and, for the first time in my life, I’ve been able to keep a band together to make two albums.”