Outspoken rocker John Lydon has criticised Bob Geldof's Band Aid project for "eating up" charitable donations on administration costs.

The Sex Pistols star fears the fundraising initiative for good causes in Africa wastes a lot of money on admin and stunts, citing Phil Collins' attempt to perform at both legs of Live Aid in the U.K. and the U.S. in 1985 as a perfect example.

In a reference to the brand of sticking plasters that inspired the project's name, Lydon says, "I never found Band-Aids work, they think they're waterproof, get full of water and then fall off - and it's the same with Geldof's lot... (I) don't like them because they're open to corruption.

"There's this thing called administration and that's where all the money is eaten up. Do you remember the one with Phil Collins and they were jetting around, doing New York, London? How much f**king money?... And who really needs Phil Collins in two continents in two hours? Even his missus (wife) would have a no on that."

Lydon made his controversial comments during a chat at Britain's Oxford University this week (begs08Dec14).