A 1980 YOKO ONO song has been adopted as a pro-gay marriage anthem as it races up America's dance music charts.

Ono has re-recorded new versions of EVERY MAN HAS A WOMAN WHO LOVES HIM, which she recorded with her late husband John Lennon, as a dance tune, and America's gay marriage activists have taken it to heart as they fight for nuptial equality.

Ono's new versions of the song, retitled EVERY MAN HAS A MAN WHO LOVES HIM and EVERY WOMAN HAS A WOMAN WHO LOVES HER, has also given her career a boost - it's a dancefloor smash.

The singer, who now records as ONO, says, "I'm an outsider in many ways and I think that's what they (gay people) tune into."

11/07/2004 21:10