John Lennon discouraged his wife Yoko Ono from talking to his Beatles bandmate SIR PAUL McCARTNEY - according to the conceptual artist herself.

The eccentric New York resident has hit back at reports the married pair were a hindrance to McCartney, George Harrison and RINGO STARR - insisting they were just two people in love.

She says, "We were not difficult. We were just very difficult to be with because we were just totally in love with each other and together all the time.

"So in that sense we were like a sore thumb sticking out, but otherwise we were kind of polite to them, probably. I was not sociable. Being so open and friendly to the others, even to have a small chat or something, I didn't have any of that. Because John didn't want me to have that - 'Why are you talking to Paul? What was that?'

"So I cut that out. So that might have been seen as being unsociable. I definitely was unsociable."