Being in love with a BEATLE is hard as the whole world is against you, according to John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono.

The 73-year-old claims she sometimes regretted falling in love with Lennon, as the couple had to "sacrifice" so much to be together.

Ono and Lennon first met when he attended an exhibition of hers at the Indica Gallery in London in 1966. The two went public with their relationship in 1968, with Lennon divorcing his then wife CYNTHIA LENNON so he and Ono could marry. During their honeymoon in 1969, the couple indulged in a famous "bed-in" to promote world peace.

But Ono has now admitted life was tough as many fans blamed her for the Beatles split in 1970.

Speaking to Time Out New York of her relationship with Lennon, the artist said: "It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. But you know I sometimes regretted that I fell in love, because we sacrificed a lot for it."

She added that she thought Lennon was "laughed at" for being in love with her and that she was "discredited as an artist".

16/02/2007 14:03:50