On the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon, James Taylor talks about the tragic day when his friend and peer was murdered. Speaking in a candid interview with BBC correspondent TOM BROOK, Taylor says that days before the shooting he was 'pinned against the wall' by Mark David Chapman, the man convicted of killing Lennon.
Recalling the unsettling incident, Taylor said, "He pinned me to the wall, glistening with maniacal sweat, and tried to talk in some freak speech about what he was gonna do, and stuff about how John was interested and how he was gonna get in touch with John Lennon. It was surreal to have contact with the guy 24 hours before he shot John."
Lennon was killed outside his apartment in Central Park West in New York and Taylor remembers the day well as he actually heard the gun shots from his apartment in a building on the same block, he said, "I heard the shot, I was sitting in by my window talking to my managers wife on the phone and she said things are crazy out there because of the Manson trial, and I said, if you think it's crazy there, I just heard the cops shoot somebody on the street", before adding, "She called me back 20 minutes later and said that was John".