LATEST: The sister of former BEATLE STUART SUTCLIFFE has rubbished claims she accused John Lennon of causing the injuries that killed her brother.

PAULINE SUTCLIFFE had been quoted as saying a fight between her brother and Lennon "could not have been helpful" just weeks before the musician and artist died of a brain haemorrhage in 1962.

But Sutcliffe says, "I did not say what was quoted in the papers and I am shocked by it. I'm distressed for John Lennon's family and for my own family and for millions of Beatles fans worldwide who would be deeply offended by it."

Sutcliffe is currently selling more than 100 personal items belonging to her late brother at BONHAMS auction house in London.

The 1993 movie BACKBEAT, starring Stephen Dorff as Stuart, depicted the bass guitarist's life, who was one of the original members of the FAB FOUR before leaving the group in 1961.

24/07/2003 21:29