John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono has been slammed by her late husband's mistress, who accuses the Japanese artist of "trying to erase" the rocker's true history.

On the recently-released DVD LENNON LEGEND: THE VERY BEST OF JOHN LENNON, Ono has edited herself into the original video for the song #9 DREAM.

Fans have been astonished to see Ono mouthing the back-up vocals which were sung on the original recording by Lennon's mistress at that time MAY PANG, with whom he spent many months after temporarily separating from Ono in the mid 1970s.

And Pang, a popular fixture on the New York music scene, is horrified by the actions, blasting, "She is trying to erase everyone who had anything to do with John with her alone.

"I am definitely upset at her misleading everyone into thinking she is on #9 Dream."

Ono has also been locked in an ongoing feud with Lennon's former Beatles bandmate Sir Paul McCartney over the of songwriting credits in her late spouse's favour.

22/12/2003 09:06