John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono barely knows the Beatles songs - and only realised their music is "special" when she recently revisited the band's back catalogue.
Avant-garde artist Ono met Lennon in 1966 - at the height of the Fab Four's fame - and was wed to the rock legend until his death in New York in 1980.
But she has confessed she is no expert on the band's music, and gained a new appreciation of the tracks when she helped organise the release of remastered versions of their albums earlier this month (Sep09).
She says, "I didn't know the Beatles' songs so well until I started to become responsible for them. Having to check it, listen to it, and make sure everything is alright reminded me how each one has some kind of special energy."
Ono is also adamant the new The Beatles: Rock Band video game is a good move - because it will spearhead a second coming for the band.
She adds, "It's not about chopping heads. It's going to promote peace and love. It's going to be fantastic. It is like the second Beatles revolution in a sense. It's going to make this planet into an artistic place... I think John would have loved it."