John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono fought back tears as she spoke about an upcoming exhibition recalling the legendary beatle's time in New York.
Nearly 30 years after Lennon was murdered outside his Manhattan home, Ono has released several personal possessions to go on view in public for the first time at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex.
Entitled John Lennon: The New York Years, the exhibition includes guitars, a posthumous Grammy Award and Lennon's iconic New York City t-shirt.
There will also be some more controversial items on show - including the bag used to hold Lennon's blood-stained clothes after he was shot dead by Mark Chapman in 1980.
And the death of her husband still upsets Ono, who battled with her emotions as she discussed Lennon's love for the city in which he was killed.
She told reporters, "It (the bag) was hard to include. And I thought it might be criticised as well.
"I know it's a kind of a sad and very poignant kind of paradox that he loved this place so much and this is where he was killed. I still get affected by it.
"If it (his death) was a slow a process we could have talked about it or something."
The exhibition opens on Tuesday (12May09).