John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono has attacked US broadcaster NBC for choosing to mark the 25th anniversary of her late husband's murder with the broadcasting of an interview with his killer.

Chilling recordings of Lennon's assassin Mark David Chapman describing the late beatle's death on 8 December 1980 are to be aired on television in Britain and America next month (DEC05).

The tapes, recorded in the early 1990s by Chapman's biographer JACK JONES, trace the killer's disturbing "compulsion" to murder the IMAGINE hitmaker.

Ono's spokesman, Elliot Mintz tells the New York Daily News, "The timing of this is macabre. She thinks it's outrageous.

"We're not going to learn anything new from him. NBC granted an assassin's wish.

"It sends out a message to other disturbed people that killing is a way to fame."