LATEST: John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono has attacked a pay-per-view TV 'seance' that attempts to contact the late beatle from beyond the grave as "tasteless, tacky and exploitative". The controversial new show comes from the producers of THE SPIRIT OF DIANA - a televised attempt to contact tragic British royal PRINCESS DIANA - and will be available to TV viewers on 24 April (06) for $9.95 (GBP5.80). Ono's spokesman ELLIOT MINTZ says, "John Lennon was an amazing communicator of heart, mind and spirit. "He still speaks to those who choose to listen to his recordings. That was the medium he chose to speak with us. "It's another example of the misuse of John's affirmation of life as opposed to the preoccupation of his death." But producer Paul Sharratt defended his actions insisting he is "making a serious attempt to do something that many millions of people around the world think is possible". He adds, "Lennon was very interested in the spiritual world. It's a natural follow-up to the Diana seance."