John Lennon's spirit is set to star in a controversial new pay-per-view TV special as top mediums attempt to contact the dead BEATLE from beyond the grave. The producers of THE SPIRIT OF DIANA - a televised attempt to contact tragic British royal PRINCESS DIANA - are behind the new show, which will air in the US next month (24APR06). Beatles fans and the curious will have to pay $9.95 (GBP5.80) to watch the special. Producer Paul Sharratt is aware the seance show will draw the same critics who blasted the Diana special for being "tasteless TV" but he insists people are genuinely interested. He says, "People say this is disgusting and I accept that criticism, but we're making a serious attempt to do something that many, many millions of people around the world think is possible." More than 500,000 Americans tuned in to see Sharratt and his company Starcast Productions' Diana special in 2003. THE SPIRIT OF JOHN LENNON is being done without the consent of Lennon's widow Yoko Ono and his estate. During the special, psychics will travel to sites of significance for the former Beatle, including New York's Dakota Building, where Lennon lived and was fatally shot by deranged fan Mark David Chapman in 1980. The special will also go international and feature a spirit reader at an ashram in India, who claims he can contact Lennon to receive music and lyrics.