Lost footage of John Lennon and SIR Mick Jagger has been unearthed, proving once and for all the pair were great friends.

Much was made of the Rolling Stones' rivalry with THE Beatles in the 1960s, but, away from the press reports, the groups were close.

And now footage uncovered by documentary film-makers in Austria show the late Beatles star and his widow Yoko Ono entertaining Jagger.

The candid home movie clips were discovered in the archives of the AUSTRIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION by a team making a film about Lennon.

The team discovered the film can, marked "miscellaneous" in the archive in Vienna. The unedited film shows Jagger hanging out with Lennon and Ono during the filming of the never released ROCK + ROLL CIRCUS documentary - about a Rolling Stones concert in the late 1960s.

19/09/2003 09:10