Tragic BEATLE John Lennon's lyrics for GIVE PEACE A CHANCE are going under the hammer as part of a rock and pop memorabilia auction.
The valuable lyrics, expected to fetch up to $600,000 (GBP300,000) at the auction, were given to comedy writer Gail Renard by Lennon in 1969.
Renard had sneaked into the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada where Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono were holding their famous 'bed-in' protest for peace.
The writer of British kids' TV show ChuckleVision - who was just 16 at the time - had managed to get into the musical legend's bedroom with a friend posing as journalists and ended up spending the rest of the week with the couple.
Lennon gave Renard a few mementos including the lyrics, telling her "one day they will be worth something".
The collection, including photos which have never been seen in public before, will sell at London auction house Christie on 10 July (08).