A lock of hair from John Lennon's famous moptop-style is expected to fetch as much as $6,200 (GBP3,100) when it goes up for auction on Wednesday (12Dec07). Hairdresser Betty Glasow - who trimmed the four-piece's hair on the sets of A Hard Day's Night and Help! - was given the lock by the late singer in a copy of his book A Spaniard In The Works, which he signed, "To Betty, Lots of Love and Hair, John Lennon." Nick Muston, director of U.K. auction house Gorringes, says, "She feels that rather than these things being stuck in a drawer with nobody enjoying them, real enthusiasts (could) get their hands on these things." Other lots include an autographed photograph of The Beatles dedicated to Glasow, which George Harrison signed George 'Dandruff' Harrison, and a programme, ticket and screw from a chair at a 1965 London concert which saw fans ripping out their seats so they could dance in the aisles.